Granite Worktops and Cabinets

Granite and cabinets
Granite is a mineral which is used for building and in the creation of sculptures and memorials but more recently it has become a popular material for kitchen worktops. It is a very hard stone, highly stain and scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. It is available in a range of beautiful colours and patterns, each one unique because it is a natural stone. There are many finishes available including the way the edge of the stone is designed.

Countertops made from other materials can be cut and fitted by the average diy householder, but this is not the case with a granite worktop. Granite is a heavy material which has to be carefully measured, cut and polished professionally before being installed in the home. Granite offers an opulent and expensive look along with many practical considerations.

Granite and cabinets are usually purchased together and there are many kitchen manufacturers who offer a wide range of both items. Cabinets do not need to be especially strengthened to support the weight of granite. This is because the weight is spread evenly over the cupboards.

Cabinets are available in a huge choice of colours, sizes and styles. Many companies offer a complete design service from measuring through to fitting and finishing. Alternatively there are do it yourself stores which offer great ranges of kitchen cabinets and cupboards which can be fitted by the homeowner.

Granite and cabinets can also be found together in bathrooms where countertops can be shaped to fit many different areas giving a luxurious look. As well as the darker shades granite is available in pale colours to suit a bathroom theme and as it is waterproof and easy to keep hygienically clean, it makes it an attractive and fashionable choice for the modern home.